Wednesday, December 15, 2004

FIRST DATE (Defined)

A social event between two individuals of similar or divergent interests intended to fulfill unknown expectations including initiating a relationship to continue for an uncertain time frame. The event is often accompanied by heightened self consciousness and oddly contrived dialogue often inducing drowsiness, distraction or anxiety. Frequently involves food, movies, coffee or bowling. May be followed by a more natural event between the same two individuals know as the SECOND DATE. Both FIRST DATE and SECOND DATE may also be referred to as the LAST DATE, depending on results. The awkward nature of the FIRST DATE may be greatly exaggerated through the assistance of another couple, especially if they are very comfortable together. This is often referred to as a DOUBLE DATE, or CRUEL JOKE. To create stronger levels of anxiety it helps if the two individuals have never met, known as a BLIND DATE also sometimes referred to as a BIG MISTAKE.